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Non Native Investors

As an investment and asset management firm, based in London, we have strong affiliations with the African, Asian, and Middle Eastern real estate market, with access to UHNWI, HNWI and investors in those regions.
We work with foreign nationals (investors) especially from Nigeria, Asia, and the Middle East to identify, based on our clients’ investment rationale, and invest in UK real estate, knowing that such investments are by far the safest investment options that guarantees high returns against global inflation.
UK investment properties offers a great alternative to the practice of converting cash to dollars as it is the practice among many Africans and foreign nationals.
Due to this, we at Clifford Asset Management are providing an avenue that will provide foreign investors access to the UK market.
UK property market is a haven with great potential for high returns on investment coupled with capital appreciation in the medium to long term.
We have access to lenders (banks) in the UK that are willing to lend to the right foreign investors. We also work with tax accountants, solicitors, and foreign currency providers to ensure the whole process of acquiring UK investment property is fluid.
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